Gynaecare Offers The Most Reliable ECG, Blood Tests And Ultrasonography In Kolkata

Monitoring the condition of an expectant mother on a constant basis is the key for ensuring an easy, hassle-free childbirth. That’s precisely why we offer a wide range of useful diagnostic services, to stay aware of your medical condition, at all times. If there is any complication, we will find out about it at the earliest, and take the requisite measures to remove the problem.

Three of the most important diagnostic services that we offer are:

  • Ultrasonography – Gynaecare Clinic brings to you the safest and the most reliable ultrasonography in Kolkata, along with other related tests. We apply ultrasound techniques from a specific period of your trimesters – and continue them till you go into labor. Our ultrasonography scans are also instrumental in helping the doctors monitor the condition of the fetus. Both for pregnancy and abortion processes – our ultrasonography diagnostics come in extremely useful.

  • Electrocardiography (ECG) – We also perform ECG tests (as and when required). The entire process is carried out by proficient experts, under the supervision of a renowned gynecologist in Kolkata. We ensure that no harmful radiations and/or chemicals are emitted through the ECG process, which can harm the mother or the child. Both for ECG and ultrasonography in Kolkata for pregnant women, we are the clinic you can really trust!

  • Blood tests – For accurate detection of pregnancy, we rely upon sophisticated blood tests. The level of pregnancy hormones in your blood stream is carefully studied, to find out whether you are pregnant – and if yes, what stage you are at. Sterilized and completely safe tools are used during the blood tests, so that you need not worry on any count. Before prescribing any specific pregnancy-related medication too, we perform blood tests – to find out whether you are allergic to any medicine.

Qualified doctors and gynecology consultants are on hand at Gynaecare, to provide timely and accurate blood tests, ECG and ultrasonography in Kolkata. Avail of our services, and leave all your concerns for well-being on us!