Gynaecare - The Safest Childbirth & Abortion Center In Kolkata

Wish to terminate your pregnancy in a completely safe manner? Get in touch with the gynecological experts at Gynaecare. We are regarded as the top abortion clinic in Kolkata – and we will make sure that the process does not become distressing for you, in any way.

We have a team of richly experienced medical practitioners, with proven track records of handling abortion cases. At Gynaecare, utmost care and precaution is taken, while removing the placenta from your reproductive system. The latest technologies, and thoroughly sterilized tools and equipments, are made use of at our abortion center in Kolkata, so that there are absolutely no chances of infections.

To ensure your safety, we arrange for ultrasound scan sessions, to determine when it would be ideal to carry out the abortion process. At our abortion clinic in Kolkata, we also strive to generate awareness about the number of weeks of pregnancy, within which you can plan an abortion. If you do not want to become a mother just yet, you will find our services really handy.

At Gynaecare, you can also avail of convenient surrogacy in Kolkata. If you wish to become a surrogate mom, or want to give your child to another aspiring mother – we would plan the entire process in a smooth, safe, and medically approved manner. Like all our other medical operations, these surrogacy services are competitively priced too. It’s your pregnancy – and we make sure that you have complete freedom to decide how to deal with it!

We also pursue constant research, to come up with even better abortion solutions for you over time. The doctors at our abortion center in Kolkata first frame a comprehensive idea of your medical condition and the period of pregnancy, before going about terminating it in the most suitable manner.

Discover the best abortion and surrogacy services at Gynaecare. For all gynecological requirements, we are always by your side!