‘He Gives The Barren Woman A Home, Making Her The Mother Of Children. Praise The Lord!’

-- Psalm 113:9 (Holy Bible)

Well, Gynaecare Clinic does not quite give homes to clients, but we certainly help you experience the blissful feeling of motherhood. Our in-vitro fertilization services are focused to help you become a parent, even if your fertility levels are not optimal.

IVF Treatment in India – An Increasingly Common Medical Procedure

With the advancement of medical infertility treatment solutions across the globe, IVF techniques have also started to take roots in India. The trained gynecologists at our IVF center in Kolkata would recommend you to go for the procedure if you are diagnosed with any of these problems:

  • Complications/damages in the reproductive organs (ovaries or the fallopian tube, or both).
  • Advanced endometriosis.
  • Problems in the natural ovulation process.
  • Significant reduction in fertility levels, due to external trauma.
  • Unforeseen antibody-related problems.

In case there are any problems in the sperm count or quality of your male partner, you can also opt for IVF treatment procedures. We would arrange for surrogate sperm donors, if and when required.

IVF Treatment – An Effective Solution

Dr. Abhishek Daga had flagged off our infertility clinic in Kolkata, with a view to eradicate fertility problems, which often stood in the way of motherhood for many. In keeping with their vision, we presently prescribe:

  • Potent fertility-enhancing medications.
  • Intrauterine insemination (IUI) procedures.
  • Surgical processes (in select cases).

If none of the above is found to be suitable enough for you, IVF treatment methods are suggested. When you get in touch with us – making you a proud mom becomes our responsibility!

Discover The Expertise Of Gynaecare In IVF Treatments
To make sure that you get the best possible results, a systematic treatment procedure is adopted at our IVF clinic in Kolkata. The following steps are involved in our in-vitro fertilization services:

  • Providing hormone injections, to foster the generation of eggs in your ovaries.
  • Constant monitoring of your natural body hormone levels.
  • Removing healthy eggs from the vaginal follicles via sophisticated suction methods. Ultrasound techniques are used, for smoothly transferring the eggs.
  • Placement of the eggs on culture dish and keeping them under incubation.
  • Testing the sperm quality of your partner. If it is not found to be strong enough, we arrange for a suitable surrogate donor.
  • Injecting the sperm into the female eggs, so that embryos start to develop.
  • Thorough examination of the embryos – to find out which one(s) should be introduced back into your reproductive tracts.
  • Placing the strongest embryo(s) in your uterus, through a small surgical process.

Recovery Period
Our IVF treatment experts recommend one to two days of complete bed-rest, once the embryo-transfer process is complete. Chances of complications are minimal, and you can start enjoying a normal pre-natal passage to pregnancy.
Thanks to the growing popularity of IVF treatment in India, ‘making a baby’ has become easier than ever before. Get in touch with Gynaecare Clinic – and rely on our experts to help you attain motherhood!