VIP Services
Gynaecare presents special, personalized service packages for all VIP and celebrity patients. Our services include the following:

  • Gynecological Solutions – All types of gynecological complications are treated with due care at our clinic. Latest medical treatment methods are implemented, to provide lasting relief for patients.
  • Pregnancy services – Pregnancy healthcare, during every trimester, is available at Gynaecare Clinic. Apart from our ante-natal services, our practitioners provide detailed post-natal care tips too.
  • Abortion – Medical terminations of pregnancy are carried out in a safe, confidential and clinically approved manner at our abortion center in Kolkata. Post-surgical rehabilitation guidelines are also outlined.
  • Infertility Treatment – Gynaecare offers the best IVF treatment in India. Our doctors regularly perform intrauterine insemination (IUI) as well. Potent fertility-enhancing drugs are also prescribed at our infertility clinic in Kolkata.
  • Diagnostic Tests – We have provisions for all essential medical diagnostic tests. Ultrasonography, ECG, and a wide range of blood tests are carried out at our laboratory, and reports are delivered on time.
  • Sexology – Interactive sexology sessions are organized at our pregnancy abortion clinic, with reputed gynecologists at the helm. We help in ironing out problems from the conjugal life of couples.
  • Surrogacy – Hassle-free surrogacy services can be availed from Gynaecare. Our experts perform all the requisite medical tests on potential surrogate partners. Paperwork is done systematically.
  • Laparoscopic Surgery – Optional provisions for advanced laparoscopic surgeries are present at our clinic too. The procedure is handled by experienced gynecological surgeons.
Infertility Treatment
Diagnostic Tests
Surrogacy VIP Service

Our exclusive VIP abortion package has the following features:

  • Complete confidentiality.
  • Pickup services (by luxury car) for patients residing in Kolkata.
  • Special flight booking (Business class) for outstation patients, with airport transfer services.
  • Quick admission to a deluxe, well-facilitated ward at our clinic.
  • Arrangement for refreshments for the patient and companion(s).
  • Pre-operative diagnostic tests.
  • Anesthesia application services.
  • Post-surgical examinations of the patient.
  • Detailed outlining of rehabilitation tips and guidelines.
  • Discharge from the clinic, with drop-off services to patient’s home (airport drop-off, for outstation patients).

In addition to the above, other complimentary services are also available on request.

Quick & Efficient Services
At Gynaecare, prime focus is placed on providing high-quality gynecological treatment to patients, on a timely basis. For ladies with a busy lifestyle, we have special fast-track packages, to make sure that their daily schedules are not hampered for long. We book flight tickets, and provide airport pick and drop services – for patients from outside Kolkata. Luxury cars are provided for commuting local patients from their homes to the clinic, and back.
To avail our special fast track services, dial 9433367751 or send an email to gynaecareclinic[at][dot]in

Customized VIP Abortion Services At Kolkata, India
For terminating unwanted pregnancies, Gynaecare is the ideal pregnancy abortion clinic to get in touch with. Our abortion services are quick and risk-free, and professional secrecy norms are maintained. Apart from women from Kolkata, patients from Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Bangladesh, Cyprus, Oman, Turkey, Egypt, Qatar, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Iran, Jordan, Israel, Iraq, Yemen, Palestine, Syria, Bahrain and Kuwait have successfully availed of our sophisticated abortion services.