Motherhood Magic!

When my gynecologist informed me last June that I had an ovarian cyst – I was disappointed beyond words. I mean, I love kids (my hubby, Karan, even more so!), and the prospect of never being able to become a mom was killing us both. That’s when a neighbor of ours recommended the name of Gynaecare Clinic. With flickering hopes and trepidation in our hearts, we contacted the medical professionals over there. Call it the sheer genius of Dr. Abhishek Daga at Gynaecare or a minor miracle, the cyst is now a thing of the past – and I no longer have any pregnancy related problems whatsoever!
I always had a (rather baseless!) belief that laparoscopy is a painful procedure. At Gynaecare though, I successfully busted that myth – all thanks to the pregnancy experts and surgeons. THANK YOU GYNAECARE – I can now become a mother!

-Priyankari Gupta

Salt Lake, Kolkata